About Us

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InspireLink shortens the time you spend looking for inspiration so that you can increase the time you spend learning from inspiration.


We are accelerating the learning of aspiring entrepreneurs and business students by connecting them to the experiences and stories of successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Intrapreneurs.


Connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners with the right peers and mentors at the right time is a serious challenge. Which MeetUp should you attend? Which incubator should you join? Do you search your Alumni network or your Chamber of Commerce? How can you get some real world advice from someone who has been there?

Bringing real world business experience into the classrooms at colleges and universities is expensive, time consuming , and often ineffective. How can professors find exactly the right resources to fit the curriculum at the right time?


InspireLink connects entrepreneurs, students, and small business owners with the right advice from the real business world. We do this by interviewing successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders and transforming their insights into targeted, curated videos.

Our library includes hundreds of videos that are assiduously tagged to allow our subscribers to find EXACTLY what they need EXACTLY when they need it. No spending hours scrolling through YouTube. No more wishing there were a TED video that addressed exactly what you are seeking.


Click for interview with founder Brian Benson