Higher Ed

Higher Ed

“Business” is Booming in Schools

Did you know that there are nearly 2 million students enrolled in business programs in the U.S.? These programs have exploded over the past decade as more career-minded people seek to hone their skills and aim for the very top. Whether students dream of becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or of building their own, they will need more than school to reach their destination: they will need practical, real-world business skills, from real people who’ve been there.

The Problem

Unfortunately, Deans and Professors all across the country tell us that giving their students access to successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs is just too difficult.

  • Finding live, local speakers who are available on the dates you need and who can also speak about the topic in your curriculum? Good luck with that. 
  • Finding video interviews to meet your needs? How many hours do you/your professors have to sift through the tens of millions of YouTube, TED or other video resources for the right clip? We’ve tried it ourselves. After the first five hours spent seeking just one useful clip, you tend to just give up.

The Solution

Enter InspireLink. With our 1000+ curated, tagged, and targeted videos, professors and students alike can find exactly what they need to learn first-hand from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and business leaders.

  • Search by topics like Culture, Management, Fundraising, Hiring, and more.
  • Search by personas like Woman or Minority-Owned.
  • Search by industry like Technology, Retail, Restaurant, Energy…the list goes on and on.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about how your school and students could benefit from an InspireLink site license, contact us today!